Every bell tolls a story.

Suspended above the streets of our capital, the history of our nation is written in bronze.

Take a closer look.

Stand beneath a canopy of sound.

Find a listening party near you.

What Is Bronze?

Take a moment to think about cake. There is no product in the natural world called “cake” – we don’t pick cake from trees, nor do we find cakes roaming wild across the prairie. Instead, we mix a few ingredients together to...

We Just Dyed a Little

Some bells crack – particularly very old bells that have survived the worst harm that centuries, Civil War, and exposure to the elements may impart. Such is true for the bell at Georgetown...

Three New Bells Honor Three Spectacular People

The Netherlands Carillon, overlooking the City of Washington from its perch on a knoll beside Arlington National Cemetery, has been quiet of late. Every fifteen minutes, locals and visitors to the...