Every bell tolls a story.

Suspended above the streets of our capital, the history of our nation is written in bronze.

Take a closer look.

Stand beneath a canopy of sound.

Find a listening party near you.

Campanology Word of the Day: Plangent

A bell is a most expressive instrument. Dancing cascades of bells in a high bell tower can erupt into a merry peal to celebrate the day and lift the collective spirit. Or, quite the opposite, a single bell can toll with such...

Look Out Below

At the National Bell Festival, we spend a lot of our time looking up – tilting our heads skyward for a glimpse of swinging bells or surveying Washington from the tops of bell towers. But this last...

Washington’s Bells: Silver Coachman Bell

Marjorie Merriweather Post, who ruled haute société for much of the 20th century from her sprawling estates in New York, Washington, and Palm Beach, chose to surround herself with the sumptuous...

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