Every bell tolls a story.

Suspended above the streets of our capital, the history of our nation is written in bronze.

Take a closer look.

Stand beneath a canopy of sound.

Find a listening party near you.

Ringing in the Rain

It’s been a wet few days in the Washington, D.C. metro area, but a little rain doesn’t stop our intrepid Bell Raisers. We ventured out to the lusciously landscaped Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to see a bell whose prominence,...

Campanology Word of the Day: Plangent

A bell is a most expressive instrument. Dancing cascades of bells in a high bell tower can erupt into a merry peal to celebrate the day and lift the collective spirit. Or, quite the opposite, a...

Look Out Below

At the National Bell Festival, we spend a lot of our time looking up – tilting our heads skyward for a glimpse of swinging bells or surveying Washington from the tops of bell towers. But this last...

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