Listening Parties & Events

BellFest was made to be shared. Here you'll find tantalizing previews of upcoming events and listening parties. If you're not there to make it ring with us, we'll do our best to post some past highlights, too.

Out with a Bang

How do you wrap up the first National Bell Festival? We could think of no better way than the lush harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, often with a wink or quirky twist, of brilliant singer/songwriter duo: Griefcat. Described as "Local Favorites" by Washington City Paper, Griefcat is comprised of veteran singer-songwriters Louisa Hall and Nardo Lilly, who are recording their first album together at Ivakota Studio in D.C. 

Namaste, Washington

Festivalgoers started their New Year exploring simple yet powerful techniques at BellFest group yoga, perfect for all levels of experience and free for anyone who registered – and we quickly filled all spots on the mat! The goal of our community yoga practice was to help Washingtonians gain a fresh new perspective, clarify the mind, and channel happy new beginnings with a calming practice of reflection, refinement, and alignment.

The New Year Never Sounded So Good

At BellFest, we’re pretty proud of the eclectic, world-class programming we present across the city on New Year’s Day, and nowhere was this more evident than our classical music recital at the historic All Souls Episcopal Church. Through the enchanting lyricism and effortless grace of Sonya Hayes (violin), Devree Lewis (cello), and Jason Solounias (piano), festivalgoers were taken on a journey of deep reflections and frenzied, passionate melodies by two titans of music: Johannes Brahms and Dmitri Shostakovich.

We Rang. We Rolled.

When the bus gets rocking, the bells start ringing! In collaboration with Virginia Bronze and Big Bus Tours, we took our show on the road, zipping around the streets of D.C. to perform bus top pop-up concerts at sites across the city on New Year’s Day.