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Metro Motor Announces Sponsorship of the First National Bell Festival

Metro Motor is helping Washington ring in the New Year like never before by becoming a Carillon-level sponsor of the first National Bell Festival (BellFest), taking place this New Year’s Day. BellFest will present a full day of programming which celebrates the history of our nation through the lens of D.C.’s often-overlooked bells and bell towers: the jubilation of independence, the pain of civil war, the sacredness of community, and the resounding hope of tomorrow.

Bells and the Anglo-American Special Relationship

The National Bell Festival was delighted to receive a group of 12 students traveling to Washington, D.C. from the University of Westminster in London as part of their week-long Westminster Working Cultures program. The program is designed to enrich students’ perspective through hands-on emersion – engaging with professionals across sectors from digital technology and science to education and culture. 

We Came, We Saw, We…Concurred

For the first time in decades, a light has shone in the old bell tower at Georgetown Lutheran Church. Why? You might recall the National Bell Festival is working to refurbish the historic bell at Washington’s oldest Lutheran congregation, which this year is celebrating its 250th anniversary. We simply love the idea of restoring the impressive 1780s bell to its full resounding glory. Researching its past has proven continuously captivating. 

You Must Be New Here

So are we! We’re thrilled to announce the first National Bell Festival, a day when Washington comes together to ring in the New Year. Whether you’re just visiting the area or a lifelong Washingtonian, there’s plenty to love at BellFest. Very soon, we’ll start announcing the first listening parties and programming scheduled for New Year’s Day, with more fun activities and events added throughout the year.