Thank you.

The National Bell Festival is made possible by community enthusiasm and the generosity of our sponsors and donors. We would especially like to recognize the commitment of these companies and individuals. Thank you for your support.

Presenting Sponsors



  • Hamood Abutaa
  • Aimee Aryal
  • Paul Ashe
  • Robert Bannister
  • Pamela Barnett
  • Otilia Ciotau
  • The Denholms
  • Anne De Santis
  • Sophie Guiny
  • Jason Jarrell
  • Chris Johnson
  • Maureen Macfadden
  • Heather Menis
  • Camden Miller
  • Ian Rinehart
  • Jason Solounias
  • Nicole Sutter
  • Eva Whitaker
  • Delaney Wing